1. muskybro:

    lifts in the same jock every day

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  2. mastersfraternity:

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    Submit your pics via KIK: mastersfrat
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  4. slaveboirob:


    Begs to be your “personal urinal.” Perfect for me. I drink a lot and piss a lot. Pissing down a fags throat is even better. 

    it needs to be turned into a MASTER’S urinal like this.

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  6. backfur:

    Follow www.backfur.tumblr.com for daily updates of FUR!

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  7. gaynitalitas:

    Mostly the same photos, reblogged. But a different selection. So follow me if you like it. And SUBMIT your selfies!

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  9. lovingair:

    "Suck like your life depends on it. Drag teeth and you’re going to find out why there’s a noose over there in the corner."

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